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Accounts for sale

Tried to hold on until my mates came back, but I have finally given up hope (and can't stand ammo!).

Two DT accounts with day 1 xp, most spent. Details are as far as I can recall, becasue my settlement is currently very low so I can't see my highest trained feats.

Account #1
Toon 1 - Male Elf Apothecary 18/Alchemist 12. Also T3 shortbow daredevil rogue. 279k unspent xp.
Toon 2 - Male Human Tanner 19 with all recipes learned. Also Leather worker 15. 595k unspent xp.

Account #2
Toon 1 - Female Elf Evoker 10 with 360k unspent xp. Level 6 Charged Staff & Diminishing Wand attacks and some nice T3 spells learned.
Toon 2 - Male Human Leatherworker/Bowyer/Tailor 17/17/16 365k unspent xp knows most recipes.

Looking to sell both at once. Buyer will get all my gold (~1 platinum) and a vault full of recipes, expendables, and raw mats.

Send your best offer to:


edit - forgot you could hover over feats and see trained level. Post fixed and now 100% accurate.
As cynical as I can be sometimes, it still makes me sad when a veteran leaves. Good luck, and maybe one day you can come back if the game somehow picks up and starts to deliver on its potential.

I would not mourn the loss of DT accounts or large amounts of accumulated XP when that time comes: deep down I feel that a succesfull and populated PFO will have done away with those problematic features in the first place anyway.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Accounts sold. Thanks everyone - best of luck.
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