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Line of sight in pve

Iram Thelbane
Thanks Bob, your respons was very detailed!
To counter frustration, add depth to combat, and give players options with the apparently new situation of mobs running right up on characters (I mean INSIDE their hit boxes where no one can do anything) why not simply make lighter-shorter weapons effective in that pesky "zone" and keep big-or-large ranged weapons useless as they are.

Add a little nod to close quarters fighting….
There are situations where the mobs have substantial hit points where you can never finish one off before you lose line of sight and you are forced to swap to a fresh one. I have had this occur multiple times soloing 7 or 8 larger elementals.

I have also heard people claim they had situations where nothing was target-able at all, everything blocked everything else, but I have not seen this personally.
As in the game there are feats such as precise shot.
Why then, so as far as creatures blocking LOS cant they just give a minus on the attack value rather than loose the attack entirely. Just leave the blocking of LOS to inanimate objects.
Also why does a small campfire block an arrow or spell.

It is frustrating loosing multiple attacks from area effect spells that centre on an opponent.
You are a Troll
Agree - working with a group and trying to maintain LOS is super annoying. That + ammo together = fail on this patch (not to even mention again all the weird little glitches I am experiencing with paper doll and buffs). None of these things has increased the FUN…they haven't even increased the HARD. They are just frustrating & annoying and make me (and others too I imagine) rather play something else. smile
Stilachio Thrax
Line of Sight always checks in both directions, so a mob won't shoot you unless it thinks you can also shoot it.

Are you sure this is working like you think it does? Last night around Thornkeep, my character was peppered several times by the necromancers, and when I tried to return the favor with a wand attack, I was getting the message I didn't have LoS. I had to run up to almost melee range before I could attack them, yet they were hitting me without problem the entire time. In each instance, the only thing in between us was a node (scavenger or forest).
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
On a side-note, just to clarify what exactly is checked for Line of Sight, we basically try to draw a line from the center of the attacker to the center of the target and see if other things (terrain, models with collision on them, other combat entities like mobs or characters). Some mobs are a little weird and their centers might not be calculated quite where you'd think they'd be. We're cleaning those up as we find them. We're also considering whether "center" is really the most appropriate point, and not perhaps something more like "roughly the height where most of their attacks come from," which is perhaps torso level for humanoids and center for things like turrets. Center was an easy implementation to start with and does a pretty good job, but we'll certainly polish it as we get more feedback. We'll do the same for any issues we find with particular collision models (some objects have overly-large collision models made when all we cared about was blocking movement, which need to be revisited now that they're used for Line of Sight), or anything else that affects the Line of Sight calculations.

Would it be possible to have more than one point on a target be verified, say the head, the torso and the "feet" (or the hind quarters of a large long target like a wolf) of a target, and if one of them works, then the shot goes off? Have the same on the PC avatars.

It is a little frustrating when say the wolf is right up against you, and you have to move or jump because the LoS has a hickup. Or when a flag in a camp, that barely hides anything of the target, blocks line of sight.
Technically, when an attack shows as disabled on the Action Bar due to Line of Sight, that's because the client says something is in the way. If the server disagrees, then the mob will still be able to attack even though it looks like you can't, because the mobs don't ask the clients what they think. However, when an attack is disabled for this reason in the UI, we handle it the same as we do ranged attacks, where you can go ahead and queue the attack up so that it will happen as soon as Line of Sight is re-established. Those subsequent checks are all handled on the server, not on the client, so your attack will actually take place right away. That keeps the consequences of client/server disagreements smaller, thought they'll still clearly cause confusion. As we get reports of this happening to varying degrees under different circumstances (when mobs wind up partially underground, when certain kinds of mobs are bunched up, all the time with certain mobs), we'll look for patterns and get things fixed up

How hard would it be for the client and the server to match up their answers, so that either both can shoot or neither can shoot?
Look. What this comes down to is testing. And how many here can honestly say they logged into Zog and gave LOS a thorough rogering? Probably very few, and I include myself because life happens. The game is still in development and the dev team is…well we know we the state of the game. Bob and Cole have done an awesome job with the resources on hand. I’d suggest that we do a better job testing next time the opportunity arises. As for LOS, it doesn’t make the game less fun. Nor does ammo. Both of those things were sorely needed and bring a new level of realism to combat. Criticizing solves nothing. Threatening to quit solves nothing. Bring issues to the table, let Bob and Cole address them, then let’s test the next patch.
Can we get the little blue "invulnerable" tags back please?

With LoS, I am not sure if the reason I can't get my attack off is due to LoS (so I am moving around trying to get it to work), or if the issue is that the mob is in invulnerable mode as it runs across the area to get to it's "start" point. If I see the invulnerable tag then I will simply switch out to another target and not waste my time on that invulnerable target.
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