Well, I only claim one single hex (swamp monster hex) and planted my Freehold there to show that (yes I know there are no in-game mechanics to enforce this claim, but there is in-game pvp smile Anyone who visits without invitation will be attacked. Any escalation myself and other residents of Hammerfall can't clear out in a reasonable time will see invites going out in General Chat for assistance. If you have been snooping around and see something in the swamp that is tasty, feel free to offer help by contacting me on the PFO Discord or Whisper me in game. I am more than willing to party up with most people….but I do not like sneaky trespassers who slink about in the middle of the night smile

(yes, I know my *middle-of-the-night* might be someone else's morning, afternoon or evening…just be polite and ask first…or not. We have what we hold).

Notta also has a freehold in the swamp and is in league with Harnaloot and his alts and defends the claim he has on the hex.