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New player looking for company/settlement

Wanting to play a tanky cleric style. I'm not really sure yet how I wanna play yet as far as evil vs good. probably chaotic good or chaotic neutral if that's viable. I would also like to craft weapons and armor etc. a bit, so I guess I'm looking for a group that I can kinda do whatever with. I'm pretty chill and looking to play kinda casually. What would be a good company for me to join up with?
Kenton Stone
The more important question is when you play.
Your build and alignment would fit most groups. A little less the North and the far south as they are a bit rules oriented but I think you could work with it.
So it mostly comes to finding a group that plays at the time you are available.
Dominion is Good/Non-Evil, Aragon Alliance is CN allowing banditry, Carpe Noctem is mostly Europe/Australia so late US time, the Pheonix is mostly good, Keepers is Crafting focused.

This is just a summary talk with the various groups and see what is your best fit.

If interested in Aragon we hang out in the public Discord server, link is in the patcher or ask in general for someone from Aragon and they will answer any questions you might have.
Good Luck and Welcome to the game.

Kenton Stone
i'll mostly around 11pm central time US till around 2 am
Wolf of Rathglen
Hi TubaBear. I just saw this thread trailed off. Are you still playing, have you found a group you fit with?
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