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Structure Upgrades

Fiery wind
I've long argued that some resources being limited isn't as big of an issue as long as there are plenty of other equally limited resources others can control. That's an easy and effective way to force trade, war, or both. Things this game needs very much. Even for black being fairly limited (shadowskin wasn't super limited), you could resolve it through offering more black as salvage, lowering the amount used in recipes, and heck, gushers would have helped too, because how much you pull out from gushers isn't limited by the amount in the hex. It being too easy to strip and keep stripped hexes was also an issue, but I think bob was way off the mark by basically making it futile to try. Inability to control resources through stripping once again only makes worse the existing issue of lack of scarcity, as it is that much easier to just walk in and take what you need rather than needing to trade for it.

I don't see the course of development on this issue being changed, so I've resigned myself to playing a game that will continue to have a dead economy and truly robust and meaningful regional trade, but that doesn't mean I'm not continuing to be saddened by it.
I think that many of us sometimes forget that it is a game. Including the Devs because they feel pressure from the pop to make everything accessible to ALL. Even though, as you mention, SCARCITY is exactly what a game needs.

I know that in the case of simple Pine, I was very vocal that I could not find it anymore when I suddenly really needed it to build settlement structures. They are under constant pressure to make that happen. Finding the perfect balance is the real hard part.
Someday we can revisit scarcity and overstripping when we provide more tools that allow the community to more meaningfully resist overstripping of scarce resources, which is going to be a particularly tricky issue for T3 resources that can only be found in monster hexes that therefore can't be claimed. Encouraging trade by making other resources equally scarce helps, but something stronger is needed in case someone cares more about preventing others from access to a resource than about getting another resource for themselves. As is, there's little players can do to block that, making it tough for us to balance between wanting to incentivize a more dynamic economy and risking the possibility that significant player segments find it virtually impossible to get the equipment they need. If those player segments had more recourse to fight over the things they need, more scarcity could be allowed.

Still, Black is only widely available in 2 hexes and mildly available in 3 more. Shadowskin is likewise only widely available in 2 hexes and mildly available in 2 more. Admittedly, none of them can be meaningfully stripped at this point, but those two resources should at least require some travel for most groups to gather, and thus provide some incentive for those near them to gather them efficiently and offer them for sale elsewhere. Not as much as if they can act as a cartel, but there should still be some profitability there.
Fiery wind
Thanks for responding Bob. I definitely understand why you took the route you did (you took the low-hanging fruit option to at least fix the most critical issues the system, something I'm sure you have to do a lot of for lack of resources), and I don't necessarily mean to come across as grouchy as I'm sure I do, but it's been s ore point of mine for a very long time. There's a lot of emphasis placed on the experience of individual adventurers, such as the points you're making about AH usage and their role in helping adventurers returning to town, and I get it in the sense of fitting into table-top expectations, but in table-top you have a fully functioning world already built around the adventurers, and here the world isn't functioning. Do table-top players expect currency to be meaningless? For groups to trade more out of convenience than profit? I don't expect any major changes anytime soon, as I know you're limited in capability, but I'd appreciate you keep in mind something that anyone developing a sandbox has to understand: that scarcity drives all facets of the game, just as it does in real life. Trade, war, contest, grinding, farming, crafting, politics, everything that humans do is colored by scarcity. Scarcity is what creates what has become the catch-phrase of this game, meaningful choices, because without scarcity, choices aren't meaningful. The game progresses ever closer to being an amorphous blob of no scarcity, because such concern is placed on anyone ever facing meaningful and, sometimes, severe consequences for their actions and choices (or lack thereof).
Agreed, scarcity is ridiculously important. We just need to keep working toward a point where the rewards for having scarce resources are strong enough to make players willing to work hard to obtain them (and that it's possible to do so), but the consequences for lacking those resources aren't severe enough to drive players from the game. Unfortunately, that's required us to compromise more on the scarcity front lately, but we'll keep looking for ways to turn that around.
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