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Recovering my $100 pledge Paizo account

Hi there,

I managed to get an alpha invite, which I have signed up and registered with a new email, however, the email address (which is that I have spent $100 pledge on and works with, is not linked to Goblinworks. When I register it says email is in use, and when I attempt to recover username/password, it says the email is not linked.

I have sent 2 emails to Customer Support to link my account so I will get my early adopter status, but have not heard back even once.

Please help!
The customer support queue is very large right now. Just give it time. They are going to be working all day fixing these account issues.
Ryan Dancey
You need to email for these kinds of issues. You should get a response very quickly although our team does not do CS work on the weekends (unless they're putting in extra time on their own initiative).
Ryan Dancey
@Burdock - I have a link for you to use, I'm emailing it to you now.
Ryan Dancey
This is actually our first live test of this technology - should help us clear up some existing CS issues!
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