Revised: 12/30/2017

Until further notice I will be offering a bounty of 1gp in coins and/or up to 3gp in non-coin resources at fair market value for anyone who can provide me audio or visual evidence that they were able to contact any of the SEC members on the list below that leads to that member contacting me directly via my personal email, the Dominion of the Northern Marches website, Goblinworks forums or Paizo forums/PM.

There is no limit to how many times a person or company can claim a bounty (but no more than once per name) and yes, a person can claim a bounty on themselves if a valid claim of account ownership can be made. I will strive to pay out any bounty in a reasonable timeframe and a reasonable agreed time and place to hand out payment.

Names that are alts of Players I am already in contact with do not qualify for this bounty.

The goal of this bounty is for me to get in contact with members of my own company that are not in communication via our voice coms or website, as there is currently no way for me to contact them in game and there will not be so for the near future. Any assistance in getting in communication with my own company members is appreciated.

Steelforge Engineering Company (SEC) of Forgeholm Members
Belmour Trueblood
Byron Ironbeard
Dorri Stoneshield
Galash Goodheart
Gudrun Grimfury
Gunthree Stonehammer
Hasdiel Darkleaf
Kenalak Kalanekson
Locutus of Durin
Nogrim Ironheart
Rogar Redbeard
Silera Violeteye
Snorii Stoneforge
Tharkune Ironfist
Tor Orcgrinder
First Elder Durin Steelforge; Leader of Forgeholm; Founder of Steelforge Engineering Company

PM Giorgo on Paizo Forums
PM Admin George on Commonwealth of the Free Highlands