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EE 14.3 Preliminary Release Notes

We'll post discussion threads on various topics as we're feeling the need for discussion on them, but feel free to start any discussion threads of your own at this point.

Bob, all the above is well and good (EE15 is going to be a big updated), but the topics I am referring to are some that are HIGHLY debated and controversial, are distributed over multiple threads over the last few years (including a VERY lively one just before the holiday break) and I have yet to find a clear or almost-clear GW answers on (Damn the lack of search features).

Yeah, sometimes I just let various crowdforging threads ride without chiming in, so that I can see whether or not the discussion ever reaches a point where a more official response will be helpful. The forums are after all a place for the community to chat, so I don't always want to stomp around with my official staff posts. However, I'm usually pretty good about responding when summoned to a thread, so you can always feel free to do so. I won't always have a clear answer to give, but I'll give as clear an answer as I can at the time. The tricky part is when I can't answer right away, usually because the answer requires some research. With new threads coming up all the time, sometimes older ones that still needed research slip through the cracks. You can always nudge me on those if you're waiting on an answer.

1- Multiple subscription models (# of PCs per account at different price points)

2- Backdating XP (to make up lost XP from lapsed subscriptions due to financial constraints and/or lack of uncertainty on the games future pre-road map)

3- Cosmetic customization options (for settlements, companies and individuals)

All of these subject's have to do with finding additional revenue for PFO so that more staff can be hired and the game can improve faster and add content that you want to add but cant (say, for lack of an art team). Id like to hear you thoughts on all three of this topics in a separate thread so we can have another conversation about this, all in once place (and so as to not derail this thread).

Posted to new thread (Finding Additional Revenue).
@ Bob

•Ensured that the heights and centers used for mob collision models are identical between client and server. This should reduce the likelihood of mobs being able to fire over a hill or other object when the UI says you can’t fire back.

Thanks for the whole of the fixes but I hope that through iterations, this can be even further refined. Someday it would be pretty neat if a figure behind a wall, rock or some other cover can shoot at a target either also having "some" cover or none. In other words, have a working "cover" calculation mechanic.
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