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Maker's General Store

Shush you!
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Don't worry Xyzzy, I'm not giving up producing arrows anytime soon. In fact I hope to start producing the Iron-Infused arrows about the 7th (I have the materials, but Book is still in training).

I've also pushed the Dwarven steel arrows this week. Production is up - but so are sales, just shy of 12,000 arrows - all T2 - Hmmm, wonder who's buying them.

I did put up a few charges, but I'm not fully invested yet - they take so many essences.

You should see a slightly wider variety of wares over the next couple weeks. I'm trying to get most things into the shops.

And, as always, let me know if there is something you need - either one time or ongoing.

Maker smile
To head off any rumors - no, I am not leaving Carpe Noctum.

When I originally set up the shops, I was unaware of what side of the buildings the doors were on.

So I'm rearranging them now, so it makes more sense, putting Armor Smith across from Weapon Smith and Iconographer across from Artificer.

The three buildings that are still there are where they appear in the revised plans. I guess we we're just lucky that I didn't want to move the Boyer.

smile Maker
I did put up a few charges, but I'm not fully invested yet - they take so many essences.

It is somewhat ironic that charges are both more popular (wizards and clerics versus just archers for the arrows) and harder to make. I assume its a side effect of the essences being in demand for other stuff.
I guess we we're just lucky that I didn't want to move the Boyer.

smile Maker

Just where I like it - right there at the bottom of the stairs!
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Good Day All,

You should find a wider variety of stuff in the stores.

I was able to start making the Iron Infused T2 arrows, so those are available as well as the Dwarven Steel arrows.

You should also find a smattering of other T2 items. My current average crafter level just reached 9.

The Armorsmith is still closed, but I hope to have her open sometime Sunday. For some reason, the building exploded every time my Armorsmith tried to put it up. So I'm getting a new Armorsmith.

Oh yes, the buildings are back - in "final" order - all except for the Armorsmith.

This should be an interesting post.

When I started here, you could buy simple T1 raw materials (gems, leaves, herbs) for about 10c. I used that in my calculations to decide what to charge for manufactured items.

Recently, I have been unable to find much at that price. What I am seeing is basic T1 raw materials are selling for 25c, basic T2 raw materials are selling for 50c and basic T3 raw materials are selling for 100c (when available).

This does not count premium raw materials such as Coal, Iron Ore, Ordered Essence and the like. I already had these at higher values.

I collect as much as I can, but when you manufacture as much as I do, you run out of key ingredients. I have bought raw materials to supplement what I collect and I plan to continue to do so.

What I have to change is the base values in my Cost Model.

But, while I'm doing that (inflationary) I decided to cut the markup I currently use (deflationary).

Presently, I add 50% to 85% to the base cost of materials when I set a price for an item. I'm reducing this to about 25% (something between 20% and 30%, whatever will give me a nice round number).

So, when I finish updating my Cost Model (sometime later this week), I will be changing prices on most of my goods.

Now, what this means to you.

- If you want to buy T1 good from me, get them this week. I expect most T1 goods will go up in price slightly.

- If you want to buy T2 goods from me, wait until next week. I already had 50c as the base cost of T2 raw materials, so I expect that reducing my markup will bring T2 goods down in cost.

If we ever start selling raw materials at the former prices, I will consider dropping my prices accordingly (but that is a real pain to do, so don't bet on it).

smile Maker

I truly appreciate what your doing to try to stimulate the economy. Once I am through my push to ensure I have the mats on hand to complete my settlement structures, I will start putting mats back on the AH. I am sure many settlement leaders and their co-players are in “gather and build” mode the get ready for EE15. Glad to have you in “gather and craft” mode and hope to be able to support your raw mat needs again soon. Keep up the great work.

It is a seller's market at the ole' Auction Barn. Keep up the good work, Maker! smile
I wanted to thank you for the nice comments.

New Prices are fully implemented and posted now. Most went up, but some of the T2s went down.

We're selling between 15,000 and 20,000 arrows each week. Everything else sells randomly, with no apparent pattern.

Current stock is about 70,000 arrows including over 10,000 T2 arrows.

Most of the T2 arrows in stock are Dwarven Steel, the demand for them dwindled when we started offering the cheaper Blended arrows.

We continue to try to expand our offerings. If there is anything specific that you want, please let me know.

The group is advancing nicely, we have a crafter in every field except Seneschal, with an average level just over 9 and I expect the average will hit 10 before the end of April.

I am also looking for a Mentor - someone that knows the answers to questions like "Where do Victory Marker's come from?" and "Is there really a player Trading Post Outpost that works like a real Trading Post?"

The things I don't know would fill a book (or two).

smile Maker
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