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Maker's General Store

There weren't many buy orders in Carpe so I have stuck some up for a variety of standard resources.
Thanks @Starchild, I am very new to the game and having fun exploring the map. The buy orders make it much easier while I learn the demand instead of just guessing at a price.
With that said I have seen quite a few auction houses with zero buy orders. Wish there were more smile
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –

Anything you put into the Auction Houses at Carpe Noctem or Thornkeep will be seen by me almost every day.

I will either buy them outright or post a bid for them (at least for the first 10).

Then, if you decide the bid is reasonable and lower you price, I'll pick the rest up the next day.

Hi All,

I've changed the format for the main listing.

It now represents what should be for sale in Carpe Noctem (realizing that people that buy stuff leave shortages, but I will try to replace the items bought within a few days).

I also added the key words associated with some items to facilitate finding what you're looking for.

T3 Arrows Update

My Smelter is now level 14 and is making Adamantium Blanks (I was able to purchase some Adamantium Ore).
My Sawyer is now level 14 and is waiting for Ash Logs that he can turn into Ash Shafts (anyone have some spare Ash).
My Bowyer will be level 14 on October 7.
My Forester will be level 14 on October 8 and will then start looking for the Ash I need.

So, by about October 15, I expect to be producing T3 Arrows.

smile Maker
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