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Hey Lisa?

Hi,Lisa! smile

I've got a burning question. When we refer to the Org that is developing this game now, should we be using "GW" or "Paizo"? I am not quite sure and feel a bit funny not knowing. smile
"I buy Azoth for 5sp/ea. I will trade Enchanting or other rare materials/anything for Azoth. Contact me if interested. GET YOUR COIN EASY!"
Are we not Goblinworks? We are Paizo!

We'll of course answer to either, but Pathfinder Online is officially a Paizo project, with Cole and I working for the Golem now. Still goblins at heart, though. smile
@ Bob. I really appreciate your Devo reference. Growing up in Ohio in the early 80tys, and racing my bike in Akron; it really brought back some memories. The bands recordings from around 1972 are some of my favorites ever. Goo Goo Itch and such. Basically anything from Hardcore Devo volume 1 and 2. Think I will throw those on repeat and play some PFO.
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