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Goblins and wolves

Hey Bob,

I was wondering why the goblins have wolves?
In Golarion lore, goblins hate dogs and horses. Their main sword-like weapon is called a dogslicer.
I know that in other games, goblins often ride wolves, but not in Golarion. In Golarion they have goblin dogs, which most think of as large hairless rats.

So, could we get wolves dropped from the Goblin spawn tables?
There's a little blurb in Rise of the Runelords (Ten Fun Facts About Goblins) stating that goblins "ride wolves or worgs if they can get them," and that "goblins are quick to explain that wolves are NOT dogs." I took advantage of that to provide a little more variety, but we do use the goblin dogs pretty extensively.
Shakes his head.

A little fact that I missed (and I have all three versions of Rise of the Runelords).
I did verify the bestiary entry before I posted.

Learn something new everyday.
Good question showing the deep knowledge of experienced warriors.
Fult feels very humble and privileged to attend this exchange.
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