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EE 15 Status

I am curious as to why you would want a Level 20 support town with a +0 Keep and single +0 large building.

A town with a +5 keep and single +5 building to provide training not available elsewhere makes some limited sense (though you are investing a lot into a +5 keep to support just one other +5 building) but why level 20 support in that case?

Or is this all just a hypothetical scenario to get a better understanding of the math?[/quote]

That's correct
Your 2nd paragraph is more like what I was talking about. I didn't say that I would want it. I wanted an example to extrapolate from… Be sure that I understand the math.
I added a Settlements tab to the wiki with all the upkeep, pvp window and facility rating information. I'll also be posting more info to the existing Structure/Settlement Upkeep thread, along with answers to any of the above questions.
Cole took care of the last essential technical issue today, which was to make sure that NPCs that start out on various platforms or other raised surfaces at the dynamic structures don't start out on the ground instead. To take advantage of that, I'm making a pass through the structures to put various NPCs in more interesting places and mark them so that they won't be dropped on the ground when they initially spawn, which I should finish up tomorrow or Wednesday. Fortunately, that's also the kind of work we can do while beginning to test on our internal servers, so we're kicking that process off over the next couple days as well. At this point, I'm still hopeful that we can get through all our internal server testing in a week or so, but as always that will depend on exactly what we find as we're testing.

I've also delivered structures kits to 11 of the 34 settlements at this point. Several more have made their choices and we're just in the process of setting up a delivery time. Emails have been sent to all the official owners at their official addresses at this point, so if you haven't heard from me, contact me at and we'll sort things out.

We put together an official build for testing on our internal servers (known as Chitterwood), then ran into a bit of snag when we discovered that Chitterwood's main hard drive had joined the server invisible. We've replaced the drive and started the process of installing everything onto the new drive, but that's been a slow process. If we're not able to get it going soon, we may decide to take the build straight to Zog, with a temporary block on public access until we're sure it's in a good state for public review. We'd rather not do that, but we don't want to delay wider testing much longer, so we'll make a decision on that over the next few days if Chitterwood's not back up and running.

Fortunately, we were able to use this time to finish up the NPC placement and test to make sure it was working properly, fixing a few related bugs along the way. I've also passed out more of the structure kits, and we're roughly on schedule to get all of those passed out before EE 15 goes Live.
Thanks, Bob. You guys are obviously making progress! smile
Cole got Chitterwood up and running, and I just finished putting it through our standard smoke test to make sure all the basic functionality is working. Now to start putting all the changes through their paces on a real server!

Did not see your email about the settlement items, sending you an note now.
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We're down to our last few known bugs and hope to get a build up on Zog Tuesday or Wednesday next week. On the positive side, the amount of time we've spent looking at the build on Chitterwood and polishing things up means we've already taken care of quite a few nitpicky details. On the negative side, it's clear this is one heck of a big update, both in terms of content and in terms of complex systems, with lots of variants to try out. At this point I'm guessing that we'll spend at least a full week on Zog before we're ready to go to Live, possibly a little longer. As always, if anyone needs access to Zog to take a look at the test builds, send email to and I'll give you access. It helps to get the access in advance, particularly if you want to set something up in the current build so that you can see what happens when the new build goes up, like if you want to start a crafting project at the keep and want to make sure it will still get delivered after the keep disappears to be replaced with a new Keep Structure Kit +0.
We prepared our first build for Zog last night and plan to deploy it tomorrow after Daily Maintenance. The build handled the standard smoke tests on our internal server (Chitterwood) perfectly, and we'll continue to test it further today, but everything's looking good so far.

We're still finishing up work on taxes at holdings, so this build won't be a final candidate. It's close enough though that we don't want to wait any longer than necessary before letting all of you take a look. In particular, with so many structure upgrades to see, I'm planning to steadily upgrade the structures in each player settlement day by day, to give those of you interested in taking a look a chance to see each upgrade before I move on to the next. There's also a lot of daily processing going on with DI, so having the build running for multiple days will help us test that system out thoroughly.

We don't anticipate the remaining work will take very long, so there will be another build going up on Zog shortly after this one. Of course, this is also a chance for us to hear your feedback on the build and potentially make some changes before EE 15 goes Live. That's much less predictable, but the build has been fairly heavily tested already, and the big changes were pretty heavily discussed on the forums, so we're hopeful that any remaining essential changes will be fairly quick.

I'll start writing up the Preliminary Release Notes today as well and try to get them posted before the build gets deployed to Zog. There's a lot going in, so we'll see how fast my typing is today.
I got a good start on the Preliminary Release Notes. The good news is that we've made a whole lot of improvements for this update. The bad news is that it's taking a lot longer to write all those up. I still hope to get those posted later today, but we're still going ahead with deploying the build to Zog this morning. That means there will also be a lot of distractions while testing the build, so we'll see how things go. Meanwhile, feel free to ask questions on anything that confuses you about the new build, or that you're just curious about.
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