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PFO more like PFRPG?

I do not mean "yeah that would be great, blah, blah, blah…". I mean BEFORE OE. What little tweaks could make TTers feel a more recognized "atmosphere" when they play? Why isn't this a priority in planning or is it?

-Spells(cleric and Wizard) should be useable like scrolls and there should be success/fail rules for using them correctly
-There should be recognizable recipes to make pfrpg named gear
-There should be some way to make some NPC interaction and quests (more of them)

What else?
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Npc merchants, or just people that give some random bits of life and dialog. Those are things that could make the world feel more active.
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Over a year ago, I had suggested a feature that had been introduced into City of Heroes (and yes abused in cases), where a player could create a quest that anyone could play.

I think something similar would be great in PfO. A player GM could create an adventure with quest goals and some reward at the end like a tier appropriate recipe reward. No different than sitting in a hex for 6 hours killing an escalation for the reward at the end, but at least a quest would have you going different places and doing different things.

There would need to be parameters for player generated content that dictate the reward size. No 10 minute quests that could be run over an over again for mad lootz. The content generator would need to allow the player GM to place NPCs to interact with and write dialogue (with legal checking features in place to ensure that the content was kept "PG" ). I know this would take considerable planning and development, but the mantra of PFO has always been 'the players are the content'. This would be a great way to combine MMO and RPG.
Thanks for not just posting "yeah that would be great, blah, blah, blah…", Guys! smile

At university so I don't have time to search the forums (once again I curse the lack of forums search tools), but your ideas fall in line with many "how to make PFO more like Pathfinder and less generic fantasy" threads we have had over the years. See the multiple "faction" threads also on suggestions to make this game more PFO and less PFO. smile
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