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Pathfinder RPG 2.0

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Just secured some info on the launch of the Pathfinder RPG V2.0….please take with a dash of salt!

The alpha playtest doc will be released at GenCon and online at the same time.

Possible Changes so far:

1. Race will now be ancestry to move the game away from the concept that DNA is your major defining feature. You’ll also have background so chargen will have a combination of nature and nurture.
2. Classes come next. Then skill proficiencies, which might mean skills aren’t as heavily locked into class as they were. Then ancestry feat, gear, various other class options and bonuses. They promise one unified system of proficiency based on level, so we might be looking at something simpler than current PF and more akin to 5e…
3. Play will be divided into encounter mode, exploration mode, and downtime mode. The rules will change a bit depending on mode but mostly it’s just a way of keeping time and, I suspect, creating feats and abilities which work in one mode but not another.
4. Initiative will be rolled based on what you are doing when a fight begins. A thief who is skulking might roll Stealth, for example.. It’s not one flat number.
5. Everyone gets three actions per turn to begin with and types of action are gone. You can now move, draw, and attack as a simgle action. Each attack beyond the first is done at a penalty. Spells usually take two actions but some give bonuses for taking a third action to cast (like you get more missiles out of magic missile if you spend extra actions to cast it).
6.. Between turns you get an interupt action. This is basically an expanded AoO system which will allow for new feats and abilities which make the fight more dynamic. For example, a red dragon might have an interupt ability which lets it take control of fire magic cast near it.
7. Monster design will be streamlined and focused less on HD and more on level and role.
8. Hazards will be a more vital part of the game. Poison, curses, diseases, and traps will be more actively involved on both sides of the screen.
9. There’s effort being made to make having magic items about “carrying the items you want” and not “the items everyone needs”. So not everyone will have an identical loadout of cloaks and rings and such.

Playtest goes live on August 2nd.
Stilachio Thrax
Interesting, in both a positive and negative way. Not sure I'd switch away from v1.0 based on that limited info, but we'll see. Honestly, every new iteration of D&D/PF simply makes me want to switch back to BECMI/RC D&D.
Virtus et Honor

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WxCougar of KOTC
I have enough v1.0 stuff to last awhile so not going to be switching any time soon myself. However, I am curious to see what they are doing with v2.0 and will likely be involved in the playtesting as much as I can.
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I really like number 4 and that could be implemented with the current version. The idea that your declared action becomes your initiative role makes sense. If two fighters with sheathed swords declare they are going to draw and attack each other, basing it on their BAB and quality of weapon to see who draws and attacks first make more sense than just basing it on what is essentially lucky Dex check. A rouge with high stealth could ‘dissapear’ before anyone knows he’s there.
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