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For Lack of an Auction House

In talking about how Auction House Upgrades should work, we got to talking a lot more about Auction Houses in general. A big concern was how problematic it is for a settlement to have no Auction House for loot and gathered mats, particularly given how central the experience of hauling your ill-or-otherwise-gotten gains back to town to sell them off is to Pathfinder. As we worked through our upgrade options, we kept turning back to that third slot for a large structure, and a plan began to form:

Allow settlements to place three large structures, as long as one of those structures is an Auction House.

This wouldn't guarantee that every player settlement would always have an Auction House, but a +0 is pretty cheap and worth taking advantage of the extra slot.

If allowing a third fully-upgraded large structure seems like too much, particularly if it makes those hoping to focus on creating a great market in their settlement feel like upgraded Auction Houses would just be too widespread, we could add a restriction that only 2 of the large structures can be upgraded.

On the flip side, if this gets everyone thinking that all settlements really need to have at least basic Auction House capability, then we could look at ways to give everyone something slightly less valuable than a +0 Auction House, perhaps a spot by the Tavern where only non-upgradable items can be bought or sold.

There are lots of ways to vary this idea up, but we'd like to hear from all of you before exploring any one direction deeply. Comments/questions/rants?
The Large spot by the Tavern tends to have a large building there, so I don't think setting one spot to decide if it is not upgradeable is a good idea, though if I had to choose a large spot for that idea, I'd suggest the Lower spot and not any of the two higher spots.

But before we can have any real look at this idea we need a better idea as to what an Upgraded Auction House would offer over a basic +0 Auction House.
The Large spot by the Tavern tends to have a large building there, so I don't think setting one spot to decide if it is not upgradeable is a good idea, though if I had to choose a large spot for that idea, I'd suggest the Lower spot and not any of the two higher spots.

Ah, should have been clearer that by "spot" I just meant something like a bulletin board in the Tavern or a trader's tent out back that acted as a "door" to the restricted Auction House, not one of the spots/slots for placing dynamic structures.

But before we can have any real look at this idea we need a better idea as to what an Upgraded Auction House would offer over a basic +0 Auction House.

Ask and thou shalt have already received.
I can agree that it is problematic for a settlement to have no Auction House when trying to sell things,

But I thought of something else, you could have a New building (or buildings), called the Black Market that functions as an Auction House for selling stuff, but is way more limited in what can be put up.
The basic Black Market idea is that folks can only put up; raw, salvaged and maybe some T1 items.
Though if it were a series of buildings they would be like the temples in that each one is specialized.
Black Market(Mats) would cover; Raw and Salvaged Mats, T1 Gear (up to +3), and Salvaged Ammo and tokens
Black Market(Refined) would cover; Refined Items and consumables (T1 and T2 only, up to +3)
Black Market(Products) would cover; End Products (gear) (T1 and T2 Only, up to +3)
I am not really up to speed but wasn't there a plan for playerhousing from which people could sell their own wares? Or was that about crafting utilities? Could be cumbersome though to have to check a few dozen player houses to see what they sell. But it would hold on to the idea of choosing for a browsable Auctionhouse being a meaningful choice.

I guess it comes down to playerconvenience versus not ruining localized markets, trade and the possibility of towns specializing (to become a trade hub for instance). I always envisioned Callambea to become a tradehub. For a very short while this sort off materialized during the Forever War, where a couple of items kept selling really fast: players from Golgotha shopped in Callambea for potions, and also many folks started dropping off mats in our auctionhouse after I had put out some buy orders on the forum. At that point in the game's life, stuff really seemed to start coming together as intended. There was turnover. And I mean turnover that involved (warring) parties from across the map, not just very localized, self-sufficient turnover from a city doing escalations.

I am not sure about limited selling capacity for all cities: currently there is only a real market(as in turnover) for a few items. All cities for instance would sell health potions then, I am sure. So limiting their selling capacity to just tier 1 could help a lot to keep the advantage for a city with an auctionhouse.

I think it is also dangerous to introduce such a major change towards convenience in this stage of the game. There are too few players so there is not enough Strife, decay, turnover of goods and transporting of goods. Binding has not been implemented yet, so the aspect of gaining finished gear and items (like potions) through looting players is not really happening yet (though you can loot anything from their Inventory which currently will be mostly raw mats).

I also think that the Art of Transportation (and the danger of it) will get a major blow. Players from Golgotha often bought my entire stack of Healthpotions in one go. They then had to transport those back to Golgotha. That person sure was a juicy target. And that is just potions.

So if anything does get implemented, I hope it will be restricted to a certain tier and or items. But even just mats would be a blow to the transport of those goods across the landscape.

EDIT/PROPOSAL: If anything like this *is* implemented, I would prefer that it would be a new type of Holding. Or add the functionality to the existing Trade or Inn Holding. Especially the latter should get some love anyway(all those who bought the INN at the Kickstarter could start selling some goods in the wilds! I think that was part of the plan anyway). Usefullnes/tier of this auction functionality would be determined by the level of the Holdings *and* Outposts. This would both spice up the value of this type of Holding for a Company to run, as well as make it a much more vulnerable asset. As opposed to being a safe addition to a City(who will very seldomly fall). Having to give up a Bulk-good producing Hex for such a Holding would also add to the meaningful choice adagio.

The goods offered could be bought by anyone(with blacklists and such) however only the Company members should be able to dump mats and items onto it, and post them on the Holdings auction. This would make such a Company a really valuable asset to a city. And if a nearby Tradehub considers this Holding to be too much competition, they could start to do something about it (Diplomacy, hindering collecting mats, ambush, burning the holding down).
Or maybe the Companyholder could add other citymembers (not of their company) to a list of people who can post items. The most important thing would be, the vulnerability of the Holding, and the choice of giving up a Hex for it. The Company could also pocket (some) of the Trade tax.

So it would make operating a Holding more interesting for a Company, which is an important issue to tackle in the future anyway(with the whole "worker" thing and such). Players will ask "How can we add meaningfully to a city or the game as a Company", and in this case that will be obvious.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
You are a Troll
I do not think you should give every settlement an AH - it cheapens the feel of having it be something special you have to travel to. It is currently - and has always been - a big part of the game. Do I run up to Keeper's Pass or see if anyone has listed anything in Emerald Lodge that I need? No, guess I will make the long run out to Canis or up to TK.

This is to say nothing about the reduced movement of materials & players across the land and over the roads, which yet further lessens the player interaction and just about eliminates the chance of banditry.

Bad idea all round.
Think it’s a good idea.

Players expect a sense of normalcy to any game- that includes being able to sell stuff in any town( not just special locations)- ..

Everyone wants contracts to be a thing – but aren’t coming anytime soon- having the ability to have an auction house at least means every town can have buy orders for people to work on filling ( which means they feel like they are contributing to the settlement). That gives new players an ability to help their settlements ( without just dumping gathering mats and spells into settlement vault and getting nothing for it).

It also gives groups that focused solely on trade the ability to add a large spot- ( and more training) to attract players to their towns ..
You are a Troll
AND giving settlements that currently function as trading hubs with AH that see regular to semi-regular use an extra Large Building would further reduce the meaningful choice of which buildings to put up in your settlement. Having an AH or not is pretty much the only meaningful choice left in that regard as you can stuff just about every other trainer into a settlement with the right combo of buildings.
meaningful choice… the phrase is what the monks at the airport.. or the guy with the end if the world sign reminds me of…
I kind of like having to travel to reach an Auction House and since most of the existing ones are empty I don't see any reason to add more.
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