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Guild House Recipe

We're planning to make the Guild House recipe a little more flexible so that expert and freeholder expendables can be used alongside rogue expendables. It's the only structure that teaches such disparate skills while only allowing expendables from one skill in its construction, and rogue expendables aren't the most common, so this should make things a little more balanced.

This change isn't likely to happen until we make a 15.1, and we're not 100% positive on the implementation details, but it will probably involve the following:

  • Add a second stock value to Rogue, Expert and Freeholder Expendables, called Guild Recipe (Tier X).
  • Add tiered Guild Codex recipes that use Guild recipes.
  • Add Guild Codex Collection recipes that use Guild Codices.
  • Change the Guild House recipe to use Guild Codex Collections.
  • Allow players to trade Rogue Codex Collections to GMs for Guild Codex Collections, since the same ingredients could have been used to make Guild Codex Collections anyway.

We'll have these changes ready in plenty of time before you need to have the higher pluses of Guild Houses ready, so you may want to hold off on refining any more Rogue Codices than you need for +0-2 until these changes are in.
Great news, I'm up to my eyeballs in Expert and Freeholder Expendables and out of Rogue.
WxCougar of KOTC
Same here, this is a welcome change. Been using the Expert and Freeholder for the Library since we had no where else for them to go.
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Some positive news for these second-class roles, so anything that makes them more useful is welcomed. smile
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