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EE 15 Preliminary Release Notes

Question about Fees/Taxes. We will have the tools to set these at certain percentages but even if set at 0%, will there still be existing minimal Fees/Taxes? If so will this be universal for all types of Fees/Taxes, just some, or not at all?

Taxes always go on top of any existing fees. For example, the original 5% sales fee at auction houses still exists, and the money spent on that fee still disappears into the void. If you add a 7% sales tax on top of that, then the seller will turn over 12% (5% + 7%) of the proceeds of the sale. However, 7% of the proceeds will go to the settlement, and 5% will simply disappear. The same goes for training costs. The original coin costs are still there and still just disappear, and the training taxes are paid on top and now go to the settlement. The mule and crafting taxes are new, so the only charges there are the taxes, and they go to the settlement.

Of course, at NPC settlements, the taxes effectively just disappear, since they're just going to NPCs.

Our plan is basically to only give cost controls to players where the resulting coins are meant to go to those or other players. For example, you set the price of items you put on the auction house (since you get most of the money back), the settlement sets the tax rate (since they get to keep the taxes), and we devs set the sales fee (because that disappears into the void). We do plan to add more taxes over time for players to control, and probably more fees for us to control as well.

If a tax is set to 0%, then no tax will be collected. But again, if there are existing fees like sales fees and training costs, or if we ever add new ones, those will still be collected as coin sinks regardless of the tax rate.
Thank you. smile
Everything is looking good for deploying EE 15 to Live tomorrow. That will mean big changes for all the player settlements right after Daily Maintenance, as their keeps disappear and all their existing structures change appearance down to the actual +0 versions (generally similar to those in Marchmont and other small NPC settlements). Be prepared!
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FYI, today's Daily Maintenance will probably take a bit longer than usual as we roll out EE 15.
Running over towns with small earthen berms and stakes instead of walled compounds….
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Now that EE15 has gone on for a few days and the game is stable, when can we start a new thread on a conversation on updating the Roadmap™? smile
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We still need to have some more internal discussions (which we have started up) before we'll be able to say much about our thoughts on the rest of the roadmap, at least beyond our immediate plans for social features and enchanting.
Bob can you clarify the dates when we need to upgrade structures to +3, +4 and +5 in order to maintain level 20 training?

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