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EE 15 Preliminary Release Notes

Bob can you clarify the dates when we need to upgrade structures to +3, +4 and +5 in order to maintain level 20 training?

The start date is May 1, and the number of "months" is calculated as the number of days since May 1 divided by 30. So, starting on the following dates, a structure at the listed upgrade will operate like a +5 (in terms of facility rating and trainer level) as long as the settlement level is at the listed level:

May 1: Structure +2, Settlement Level 19
May 31: Structure +2, Settlement Level 20
June 30: Structure +3, Settlement Level 19
July 30: Structure +3, Settlement Level 20
August 29: Structure +4, Settlement Level 19
September 28: Structure +4, Settlement Level 20
October 28: Structure +5, Any Settlement Level

Thanks Bob
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