There are times in the game where we lock your character in place, like when you're banking, trading or crafting. In general, we unlock your character when you close the window associated with that action, so the message we put in the chat window if you try to move while locked is "Cannot move until X is closed."

We've had scattered reports over the years where players would see that message even though no window was visible, and the standard assumption was that on those rare occasions the window had somehow been moved off the screen. I've tested it out myself and it's pretty easy to do.

However, we've gotten more reports of this recently, including comments that the player had just closed the window in question. We now suspect there's a bug where the window closes but the game somehow fails to unlock the character, and we think there may be useful information in the client logs to help us track down the cause. If this happens to you, please file a quick support ticket in-game, then grab a copy of the log file (instructions for finding it are here) and send it to before restarting the game (restarting deletes the old log file and creates a new one).

After that, restarting the game should fix the problem.