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Fixed issue with redeeming premium items

EE 15 seems to have brought with it some kind of issue when redeeming premium items like Azoth and Player Housing. After selecting premium items at log in, they're not always appearing in the character's Inventory as expected. Until we can sort this out, I've hidden the premium items on the store. If you've already purchased some, please wait until we've given the all-clear before trying to bring them into the game.
To be clear, it's fine to go ahead and use any premium items that are already in the game. Use Azoth in crafting, place Player Housing, open up New Player Packs, just don't select items to redeem on the character selection screen and then hit Enter World.
We've sorted out the problem and everything is working once again. Premium items are back on the store and it's safe to redeem them into the game once again.
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