We ran into some issues when running our autobilling this morning which resulted in several transactions being declined. We've fixed the problem for future transactions, but those accounts didn't purchase game time during today's Daily Maintenance and had their autobilling turned off. If you were affected, you should have received an email informing you that the billing didn't go through, and that you should correct your billing information and reactivate autobilling on your account. There probably wasn't anything actually wrong with your billing information, but you do need to reactivate autobilling to start that back up again. Since autobilling occurs five days before accounts run out of game time, the affected accounts still have a few days to add game time (either through store purchases or by reactivating autobilling and letting the system try again next Daily Maintenance) before they'd be deactivated, at which another email should be sent.

If you were expecting to be billed automatically today and didn't receive a warning email, you may want to check your account in case an email didn't get through. If autobilling is still active on your account, then this didn't affect you.

My apologies to those who were inconvenienced by this issue.