Since we are a small nation with few folks and the need to get the game's economy running again.

With so few in the nation it'll be hard to make the coin payments at the current levels easily.
So to help pay the coin cost we'll be selling some of our excess bulk resources through the Talonguard auction house.
Provided you've not blacklisted me, causing me to blacklist you.

We'll also be looking to Trade bulk resources for other Bulk resources in a one to one ratio, we are willing to trade; Wood, Food, Iron, and or Stone for Trade Goods.

We are also in need of settlement building recipes and be willing to trade the recipes for Bulk goods, or buy some with coin if we have enough.
Bulk to recipe will be 50~100 Bulk per settlement building recipe (pending recipe) that we are missing.

We'll only be trading or selling a limited amount of each bulk resource per week; so first come, first served.

Thursdays will likely be the best day to do the Trade without making an appointment provided you hop in the discord to let me know you want to sell, or trade for and with.
Folks can book times on Weekends with the High Covenant leaders for trades via; speaking in discord or posting here.
We Currently have;
Guardpost, Religous Statue.