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Greater Mass Cure

I been using Greater Mass Cure for a while and just noticed a few weeks ago. It not healing more than 1 person in range that needs healing.
I tested this out and it seemed to be working properly. Greater Mass Cure should cure your target and any other friendly characters close to your target. The effect is centered on your target, not on you. If it's not working that way for you, then there's probably some glitch where it works under some circumstances and fails under others, and my test case just didn't capture the problem circumstances. If so, tracking it down would probably require hearing some more reports where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't in order to see if there's a pattern.
I know in his case. since I was there, that it was just two characters, the healer and one other fighter. With your description, under no circumstances would more than one character get healed. We were expecting the healer and the fighter would see a health boost. We can try it out with three characters to confirm your expectations.
I suspect our rules for AoE feats don't include the caster unless they target Self, though I'm not positive on that. If so, then no matter how close you are to the target, you wouldn't get included in the AoE for Mass Greater Cure. If you want to include yourself, you're looking for something like Mass Heal, which targets self and cures all nearby friendly forces. Of course, that's a higher-level spell with a higher power cost, and everyone needs to be pretty close to the caster compared to the 35m range to target of Mass Greater Cure. Both are Burst in terms of AoE, so all the targets need to be roughly as close for both feats.

As a side note, if only 2 characters are out adventuring, or can be included as targets, then AoE heals may not be your best bet. In general Burst AoE's are calibrated on the assumption that you'll catch more than 2 targets each time. Using Heal for yourself and Greater Cure for your partner may be more efficient, though of course you need to balance that against the need to slot two feats and the time for casting both separately.
I would point out that these burst heals (along with other buffs) are likely subject to LoS issues.

With buffs lately we have tried to get everyone to stand in a circle to avoid potential LoS issues with one character standing behind another.
Line of Sight only gets checked between the attacker and the direct target. If the attack succeeds, then all valid targets within the Area of Effect should also be affected. It's admittedly not often easy to tell who would count as inside or outside of that Area of Effect, but the server basically decides that based on whether or not the entity's X/Y coordinates (elevation is ignored) are inside the appropriate 2D AoE polygon.
You are a Troll
Any chance we could get some kind of 2D AoE polygon template? Using AoE attacks never seem to behave exactly like you would expect using the size of the 15 and 30m pads as a rough estimation of which mobs should be getting targeted.
You are a Troll
Any chance we could get some kind of 2D AoE polygon template? Using AoE attacks never seem to behave exactly like you would expect using the size of the 15 and 30m pads as a rough estimation of which mobs should be getting targeted.

The 15/30m encounter sites are probably fairly misleading, since they actually have to be quite a bit larger on average to ensure that there's actually a 15/30m area in their center that's perfectly flat. Buildings like a high-end Watchtower Holding are good for viewing 30m because the stone walls are just inside a 30m-diameter circle. The buildings on most high-end outposts also fit just within a 15m-diameter circle, so they're pretty good for comparisons.

We've talked before about trying to get in better visuals to show the expected Area of Effect for attacks, but haven't had a chance to tackle anything like that yet. It's also problematic for us since we wouldn't really know what to show until we know which attack is being used, at which point the attacks already been triggered and there's no way to plan based on the visualization. We could probably figure out something like a toggle-able display for the attack of your choice, but we won't really spend much time thinking about it until adding something becomes a priority.

In the short run, I may be able to come up with some kind of "targeting range" to put down in Thornkeep that would give a rough approximation for each AoE type. I'll file a feature request to look into that when I have a chance.

That could be pretty cool - a AoE test arena near TK.
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