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Alright Fellow Golarions! Thought that I had better let you know that now through July 4th all materials listed in the Thornkeep Auction House have been price slashed to 50%!

Take advantage of these savings and have a Happy 4th!
"I buy Azoth for 5sp/ea. I will trade Enchanting or other rare materials/anything for Azoth. Contact me if interested. GET YOUR COIN EASY!"
This will be closed at Midnight PST. There are still materials in all Tiers available at 1/2 typical price. Take a 2nd look and plan for the future!

Response has been good and the business has been appreciated so far. Many Thanks!
Virtute et Armis
Any Aeon Stones included in this sale?
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Sorry Xyzzy. I quit trying to sell those and pulled them back long ago. Can't sell at a price that makes the effort worthwhile.
Virtute et Armis
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