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Map Server Issues Today (Missing Buildings)

It looks like the map servers for some of the hexes didn't come up properly today. In particular, multiple settlements came up without their structures (e.g. Ozem's Vigil, Callambea, Dun Baile, probably others). This likely also means that some hexes came up without their holdings or outposts. We'll see if we can get them restarted today, but weekends are tricky and some things are difficult to do from home. If not, everything should be back to normal after tomorrow's Daily Maintenance. In the meantime, best not to put down any replacements, or even to put down new holdings in an empty hex just in case unknown old ones would come back tomorrow. That's particularly true for any hexes in the same (or neighboring) map columns as the settlements listed above.
We brought some of the maps down and they're having a bit of trouble getting back up, so we're resetting everything. Get to safety and hold off on logging in. More updates as events warrant.
Okay, servers are down, should be safe to log in as they start coming back up.
We're back up and the hexes I've checked were all back to normal. Sorry for all the hassle. Let us know if any of you spot anything else strange after the reboot, or if the reboot/issues caused you significant problems.
Thx, Bob. smile
Virtute et Armis
Cole did all the heavy lifting, but I'll happily take credit smile
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