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What Experiences Hook New Players?

…[The Official PFO Discord] kicks me to AFK and I don't realize it cause I am focused on the game.

Is there a global server setting to turn this feature off? It’s a total PITA. If I mute the mic on my end, it kicks me to the AFK channel because it thinks I’m inactive. I’ve searched the personal settings and can’t find anything to disable that.
The setting is in the "Server settings" or "Channel Settings" of that discord server so someone with Admin permissions would need to change it. I think it is in channel settings but I might be wrong.
I would certainly stay in there most to all of the time I am in game if it were changed to not send me to AFK while sitting with a muted mic. smile

Found the setting and told it not to automatically move anyone to the AFK Channel. Let's see how this works for everyone.
Thanks Bob.
Edit - I could see needing that setting if the population was higher but with 5-10 players on that discord server normally it should be better to have it set this way for now.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
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