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Day 1 DT account for sale (~3.5 million xp on both characters)

Still have a DT account from day one for sale, Two humans (1M/1F), max possible xp, never played. One of them has the same name as my forum name(male), other is Infidus.

Kickstarter credit: $15.00

Reward Quantity
New Player Pack 1
Destinys Twin 0
Daily Deals 1
Alliance Pack 1
Early Enrollment 1
Soundtrack Download 1
1 Month game time 9
Shield Mate 1
Head Start 1
Secret Salute 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Character Name Reservation 1

Had no idea these forums were running; thank you Lisa for the redirection here from the Paizo forums!

Please post here with any offers!
You are a Troll
Just out of curiosity…what is Max possible xp right now?
You are a Troll
Just out of curiosity…what is Max possible xp right now?

If I recall correctly XP accumulated from 1/1/2015 .

There are 1308 days from 1/1/2015 to 1/8/2018. 1308 x 2400 = 3139200 XP .

Adding the 1000 starter XP gives us 3140200 XP

The original poster should be aware there have been a few scams with transferring these accounts. Do not give any new player access till you see the money smile Potentially use a trusted third party to do the transfer.
Harad Navar
Doesn't xp accumulate only while the subscription is paid? If this is so, then if the account is inactive (unpaid) then no xp has accumulated during the time it was inactive.
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Just downloaded and installed to check. Other player name is Infidus, and the XP on the characters is at 3,138,431… Maybe I missed a single day, but that's at least 99.9% of the maximum possible XP.
Been a few months, but the account is still gathering xp and still available for purchase!
I guess the price is astronomical for such account….
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I am sort of curious if Arialda5 ever sold the account?
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