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can weapons be repaired?

saw in the beginner's guide that it wasn't available yet but not sure if it has changed since the guide came out.
Nope, there's no repair system currently. We've talked about it off and on, but we need to be very careful that any repair system doesn't undermine the crafting system. Part of the point of having gear fall apart is to make sure there's steady demand for new gear, which the crafters then supply. If gear is instead regularly repaired, crafting starts being more about making repair kits, or repairing damaged gear, which probably isn't as compelling as crafting new gear to sell.

That said, we're still considering it. When we do get a chance to look into it more seriously, we'll probably just have to figure out a way to guarantee that repairs are enough more expensive than new items that the repairing system is mostly just used for temporary situations where you're waiting on new gear that takes a long time to craft, or other niche situations. Or perhaps we'll just limit the number of times an item can be repaired. The important thing will be just making sure the economy remains driven by the need to regularly replace equipment, rather than just repairing it indefinitely.
Unfortunately not yet. Gear, any gear except (INV), wears out and disappears.

Virtute et Armis
No, not at this time. Starter weapons and equipment obtained during the new player tutorials is invulnerable. All other equipment has 20 durability points. You lose one point of durability each time you die. When the durability reaches zero, the equipment is destroyed and disappears from your paper doll.

Many players would like to see some form of repair put into the game as a function of crafters. Whether it’s a “repair kit”, some reduced cost in materials to “recraft” the item, or some way to combine damaged equipment if the same type into one new piece of equipment.

Edit: And… ninja’d by an Bob and BL!
so many ninjas around here haha.
man, i got my bow so long ago i don't even remember how i got it…lol
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