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Structure Upgrade Grace Period Dates

Since the release of EE 15, structures have had their Trainer Levels, Facility Ratings, and Auction House tier/upgrade restrictions set based on the current Settlement Level plus double the upgrade value of the structure, after subtracting 3 and the number of 30-day “months” that have passed since May 1, with a maximum of 20, if that provides better values than the structure itself does. That's a lot of math, but it basically provides a grace period where it wass possible to maintain the equivalent of a Level 20 Settlement with just +2 structures for the first couple months, then +3 structures for the next couple months, then +4, and finally +5 structures will be required to get maximum Trainer Levels and Facility Ratings.

Since today marks the fourth 30-day "month" since May 1, and thus the first day that +4 structures are required in order to get the best possible Trainer Levels, Facility Ratings, and Auction House tier/upgrade restrictions, this is a good time to remind everyone of the last remaining dates for these grace period bonuses:

  • August 29: Structure +4 and Settlement Level 19-20 required for maximum performance. Structures +0-4 get the equivalent of a 1-3 Settlement Level bonus (+4's subject to max) at Settlement Levels 18-20.
  • September 28: Structure +4 and Settlement Level 20 required for maximum performance. Structures +0-4 get the equivalent of a 1-2 Settlement Level bonus at Settlement Levels 19-20.
  • October 28: Structure +5 required for maximum performance, regardless of Settlement Level. Structures +0-4 get the equivalent of a 1 Settlement Level bonus at Settlement Level 20.
  • November 27: Grace period ends, all structures operate purely based on their upgrades.
I just wanted to double check what support level was inherent from the structure levels themselves?
Does it follow the trainer levels for each structure, meaning a +0 settlement support level 10, +1 supports level 12, +2 is level 14, +3 at 16, +4 at 18 and I know +5 is level 20 support?
Also what determines the settlement level is it just the upgrade level of the Keep or is it more than that?
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
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