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I added an Enchantments tab to the public spreadsheet with the first draft of the planned enchantments. They're not final at this point, but they're ready for feedback.

Here's a quick rundown of the columns:

  • Display Name: The name the Enchantment is generally referred to.
  • Tier: This Enchantment can only be applied to items of at least this Tier.
  • Item Name Template: How items with this Enchantment are renamed, with the placeholder {item} in each entry replaced by the name of the item being enchanted. For example, adding Lesser Regeneration to a Costume Ring would make it a Lesser Costume Ring of Regeneration.
  • Enchantment Points: How many Enchantment Points it takes to equip an item with this enchantment. The underlying formula is 1 + (ItemTier * 6) + ItemPlus.
  • Keywords: Any keywords the Enchantment adds to the item.
  • Keyword Type: What type of keywords are being added.
  • Effects: Effects that are being added to characters constantly, like basic stat boosts.
  • Attack Effects: Effects that only get checked during attacks by the character using the enchantment.
  • Last Updated: Last date this entry was updated on the public spreadsheet.

What is Common and What is Uncommon?
Which ones do we get automatically and which do we have to hunt?
Kenton Stone
One of particular note seems to be missing.

…of Holding

Is there going to be an entry for what Item type they can be applied to?

Kenton Stone
Pretty extensive start, Bob. Thanks for showing us this early. More variety than I thought.

Just glanced at it so far. smile
Virtute et Armis
Not critiquing the amount at all but am I getting my numbers right that "Superior (Pouch?) of Holding +5" will add 50 encumbrance pts to a character's max?

Just trying to make sure I grok your notations. smile
Virtute et Armis
Thanks Bob! Lots of new recipes to chase down and perhaps new mats to gather.
Looks like the "enchantment points" column will be used to keep track of the total number of enchanted items a character is running around with in order to narrow choices each character has to make. Is there a formula to calculate available Enchantment Points for a character?
Would it be something along the lines of [x] * Highest Armor Feat + [y] * Highest Feature Feat + [z] * Highest Role Feat = Total available Enchantment Points.
Will there be a new dialog window to check Available Enchantment points, Consumed Enchantment points, etc.?
Harad Navar
Finally a way to get "Keen". Thanks
Knowledge can explain the darkness, but it is not a light.
Harad Navar
Finally a way to get "Keen". Thanks
I saw "Bane" as well. Those old familiar terms are great. smile
Virtute et Armis
Perhaps I don’t math as well as I should..

Lesser regeneration - Regeneration +[10 + (ItemPlus * 5)]%
Greater Regeneration - Regeneration +[20 + (ItemPlus * 10)]%
Superior Regeneration - Regeneration +[40 + (ItemPlus * 20)]%
Is there really a % at the end of these ?? so every tick with superior regeneration for a +1 would grant 60% - shouldn’t that just be like 60 HP ? ( like the wright armor feat adds HP each tick - where healer armor give a % of Hit points ??)

That percent on the end just looks off - if I get a +5 superior regeneration item - with the % above would be 140% HP increase each tick ?? that is the thou shall not ever die item ??
Looks like "Dwarf Bane" has an error in the effects clause. It reads " Base Attack Bonus +[3 + (ItemPlus * 3)] if Target is Dwarf if Attacker is not Dwarf, Base Damage +[1 + (ItemPlus * 1)] if Target is Dwarf if Attacker is not Dwarf

Looks like same issue for Human and Elf Bane.
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