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First Impressions of a New Player

Hi everyone,

I started playing the game 2 days ago, and so far I'm quite optimistic. I'm a patient guy so the small dev team and slow buildup of the game don't bother me, in fact I love the fact that the playerbase is so involved in making the game. My first impression was being killed by 3 goblins. To me, this made me excited to get stronger, I had a goal to overcome, and I enjoyed that I didn't need a quest to make myself motivated to build myself up. I found some cool people and regularly chat in general and everyone I meet always seems cool.

If you have any questions in game post in general. The help chat only shows up for people that enable it and may not get a response.
Welcome to PFO

As Edam said, if you have questions just post them in general chat, or in the forums.
Thanks for the welcome and advice!
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