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What Auction Houses want some action.

Talonguard's AH is restocked with Bulk Goods.

Talonguard is Looking for; raw mats, refined mats (+1 and higher), codexes and or Azoth.
Ah ha, Staalgard has no extra sales tax. So, you folks have a few odds and ends in your AH.
some possible surprises too.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
Well, I just spent the last two weeks visiting the 8 outlying Auction Houses.

All of the items that I had for sale there were taken down and put back up, so they'll all be available for another month or two.

In addition I stocked them all with some T1, +0 and +1 Chain Shirts of all types.

And those of you that have been playing longer, you will probably find some T2 +3 chain shirts.

Due to the weight of all the armor and the lateness of starting the +3 chain shirts, all AHs did not get everything, but they should get the balance of their goods on my next trip.

And remember, I try to keep one (or more) of anything I can make in the Carpe Noctem Auction House. So if you need something a bit unusual, stop by.

I do buy and trade as well. Contact me at

smile Maker
Talonguard Has 5000 Units of Bulk Up for Sale;

All 1s a piece except for the Bulk put up at 75c a piece.
Oh, I thought you might like to know that I finally created a pair of Enchanted Magic Items. Lesser Small Cloth Packs of Speed. Feels nice to finally have enough Enchanting components and recipes to get a couple done.

They are currently on sale in Carpe Noctem, but I was thinking about dropping them in random auction houses across the map. Curious what everyone was thinking. Might be fun to run into things like that when you weren't expecting it.

smile Maker
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