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Maker's General Store

I realized a couple days ago, that I had been away from the outlying Auction Houses too long (most of the things for sale had timed out).

So, I will be visiting all AHs in the next week or so. I might even drop off something special. I will at least relist everything that I have for sale.

So far, I have visited:

June 8 - Keeper's Pass - 122 different items

June 9 - Caer Coedwig - 95 different items
June 9 - Callembea - 96 different items
June 9 - Carpe Noctem - 1113 different items
June 9 - Hammerfall - 64 different items
June 9 - Marchmont - 106 different items

June 10 - Rathglen - 116 different items
June 10 - Talonguard - 93 different items
June 10 - Thornkeep - 114 different items

June 11 - Emerald Lodge - 300 different items
June 11 - Fort Ouroboros - 88 different items

June 12 - Stallgard - 105 different items

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Lots of news:

I made a small modification to one of the spreadsheets I use.

It now tells me that I have a little over 13p worth of products currently up for sale.

You should see T3 products turning up in CN during then next month.

Enchanted items have been distributed to random AHs (2 so far) - hopefully more soon.

I have almost finished restocking CN - should be done by the weekend.

I will be rather quiet for the week starting the 19th - I'm moving and won't have connection for a couple days.

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Good Morning All,

I recently moved in the real world.

Because of that I was without internet for almost 3 weeks and a lot of the things I was selling timed out.

Most of that has been corrected now.

There are 2 more Enchanted products in random Auction Houses.

I'm working on visiting and restarting the timers on all Auction Houses by the end of July (3 done already).

Late next week I should have finished my first set of Adamantium Chain Mail. It will be up for sale in Carpe Noctem.

I already have 2 sets of General's Banded. These are both T3 armor.

The company: I currently show 19 different crafts

I have 1 craftsman at level 16, 2 at level 15, 11 at level 14, 1 at level 13, 2 at level 12, 1 at level 10 and 1 at level 8.

So we are almost completely in Tier 3.

Things are really starting to get interesting.

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Hi All,

The Adamantium Chain Mail is now available in Carpe Noctem.

A +1 set is currently in the shop, should be available on the 6th of August.

Expect some new T3 items from the Tailor by the end of August.

and I'm running a little slow on checking all the outlying Auction Houses.

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Good Morning All,

I did get to all the Auction Houses by the end of July.

I just had most of the recipes time out in the CN Auction House, so I spent the last 20 minutes putting them back up for sale. That took so long that I actually decided to count them (272 different recipes) that's over 600 recipes if you count multiple copies. And I was a bit surprised that almost a third of them were T2 recipes. So, as you can see, CN is the place to find RECIPES.

Adamantine is making its way into the lineup, as is Shadowskin.

So, come on down to Carpe Noctem and see what's available now.

smile Maker

I just visited all the Auction Houses at the end of July and here it is the middle of September and I had to do it again.

I'm sad to say that Coed Coedwig is shut down - the whole town.

However, if you visit one of your local Auction Houses (not Thornkeep or Carpe Noctem), you might just find one of the following enchanted items:

Ignighting Adept's Charged Staff +1

Animal-Bane Blended Iron Longsword +1

Animal-Bane Dwarven Steel Longsword +1

Lesser Fine Ring of Foraging

Aiming Parade Gloves +1

Replying Parade Gloves +2

Aiming Wool Gloves +1

There is one of these in almost every Auction House as of Sept 14.

I am still buying - if you have a lot to sell, please send a message to

And, as always, BUY MORE STUFF!

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FYI - Caer Coedwig is open again, just a minor error caused it to be shut down.
That's great.

I'll be back up by the end of the week.

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As I mentioned, I just moved in real life.

Because of that, I have not been keeping as close an eye on the Carpe Noctem shops as I normally do.

Needless to say, a few things sold.

I am currently restocking the shelves and should have most everything back in stock by tomorrow (except armor).

Maker smile

I finally dropped by Caer Coedwig again. Its 11 days since I was told it was open again, but everything but the bank was shut down.

Maker ???
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