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Maker's General Store

Just FYI,

Rathglen has been restocked with a lot of items.

Maker smile
Hi All,

I'm currently trying to get my Armorsmith up to level 16, which means I need to have him make Tier 2 Uncommon Armor at +5.

I have most of what I need, but I am short one or two Advanced Hide Sheets +5.

I'd be happy to buy or trade - I have some +5 components available or Azoth.

Maker smile
Go with the Muffled shirt, it's the easier one to break the gate with…
All Auction Houses have been visited in the last week. That means all the goods are back on the shelves.


since I just happened to make a few more Enchanted Items, visit your local Auction House and you just might find one or two of these:

Aiming Leather Gauntlets
Aiming Parade Gloves +1
Animal-Bane Blended Iron Longsword +1
Animal-Bane Dwarven Steel Longsword +1
Binding Disciple's Battle Focus +2
Igniting Adept's Charged Staff
Igniting Adept's Charged Staff +1
Lesser Fine Ring of Foraging
Lesser Scavenger's Ornate Ring +1
Replying Leather Gauntlets +2
Replying Parade Gloves +2
Shocking Sanctified Steel Longsword +2

And this time one of them is in Carpe Noctem.

Happy Shopping,

Maker smile
Hi All,

I need 2 Advanced Hide sheets +5 - I'm offering 1 gold each.

Just drop them in the CN Auction House with that price and I'll pick them up within a day.

Or contact me at


Maker smile
Thanks to all that helped with getting the +5 Item requirement finished.

I've set up the second of the month to visit all AH's to reset their contents counters. You can see that I'm in the middle of this on the 9th, but it is happening.

Welcome to Kindleburn, the newest Auction House. It is now fully stocked.

As I said, I'm currently visiting all AHs and I'm bringing some Enchanted items with me. I hope to have 2 Enchanted items waiting for you at each AH within a couple days. Kindleburn will be the last, so check here - if it has 2 Enchanted items, then they all should.

And thanks to all of you that have stopped by Carpe Noctem to pick up a few things. Almost everything has been restocked. But bring some materials with you next time - I'm always short of almost all raw materials.

Take Care All,

Maker smile
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