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Talonguards AH is Alive.

I do have some Codexes for Trade, BUT they have to be for Other Codexes or (either a Keep or Arcanist structure recipe).
So they have the won't be put on the AH and require contacting me to arrange a trade.
Added a Guild Codex (at 90,000 plat) to show that you can trade a codex for a codex at Talonguard via contacting me or posting here about a codex trade.

I've added some more bulk to the AH
Talonguard's AH has been Upgraded to +2.

The fact the bulk sold that Fast at 50c a piece, I might have sold it on the cheap side.
I'll be putting up more bulk later, as in maybe a Month or three, but for now I'll need to rethink it's price.

If one wants more bulk now, It'll require a trade, Mainly; a Keep, Cathedral(Good) and or Arcantist workshop Recipe as I am Currently looking for them to continue building up Talonguard.

3000 Bulk Units (Your choice, but must be a mix of at least 4 types) for a Keep Recipe.
2500 Bulk Units (Your choice, but must be a mix of at least 3 types) for a Cathedral(Good) recipe.
2000 Bulk Units (Your choice, but must be a mix of at least 2 types) for a Arcanist workshop recipe.

One can also trade in Codexes I seek, for Bulk;
Looking for Artificer, Alchemist, Weaver, Jeweler, Tailor, Cleric and Freeholder codexes currently…
Update: All Recipes have been done in trade.
Update: All Recipes have been done in trade.
That was fast, congrats.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
Thanks, NightmareSr, It was fast.

I'll need to wait a bit until the bulk reserves are back up some before I do any more Bulk selling from Talonguard's settlement vaults,
Corbenik Likely has some Bulk that it can sell off and since it does not have an AH it'll need to be done in person.
Hoping to see some expendables and recipes in the Talonguard AH, along with raw; pine, hemp, and wool.
A New supply of bulk has hit the Talonguard Auction house shipped in from Corbenik.
This time in Bundles of 250, instead of 100.
Talonguard's AH is restocked with Bulk Goods.

We are Looking for raw mats, refined mats (+1 and higher), codexes and Azoth.
I have some codexes that are sitting around gathering dust.

What are they used for and which do you need?

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