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Test version of EE 16 deployed to Zog

You are a Troll
Hey Bob - can you enchant ONLY 20/20 durability items or does durability not matter?

There aren't any durability restrictions. You just wind up with an enchanted item at the same durability score as the original item. I wouldn't recommend enchanting items that have durability hits as a general rule, but it is an option and I'm sure there will be plenty of times where doing so makes perfect sense.
We've deployed a new build of EE 16 to Zog. A few more issues were found while testing, so this still isn't a Final Candidate, but it's very close. The good news is that most of the changes are working well, and that the problems that need to be fixed don't look like they'll take a lot of time. The bad news is that both Cole and I are off all of next week, so we won't be able to wrap things up until we get back after Thanksgiving.

Here's a quick list of the bigger changes since the last build was deployed:

  • Items must be enchanted to the same upgrade level as the original items (no more +1 enchantments on a +3 item). Anything that was previously given a mismatched enchantment on Zog will stay that way and still function according to the original enchantment.
  • Enchanting takes more than zero seconds, so you can now compare the enchanting times to the crafting/refining times involved for all the ingredients.
  • Enchantment descriptions were added to the item tooltips so you can see the effect an item's enchantment has. The wording was originally written for use on the crafting window, so we'll want to polish it up at some point to read a little better in the tooltips, but it gives a complete rundown of the enchantment's bonuses.
  • Escalations (except for the tutorial escalation) drop enchanting salvage loot. The salvage is unique to each escalation.
  • Raw enchanting mats (particularly T3 ones) associated with rarer nodes (like forester nodes in the mountains) were boosted a little bit to help balance out the amount of time it takes to find those nodes, though they're still a very small percentage of what you'll gather.
  • Fixed a rounding error that sometimes made it so that adding Azoth wouldn't quite get you all the way to the next upgrade.
  • The regeneration enchantments now work, and regeneration bonuses can now be set to tenths of a percent (e.g. +1.2%).
  • Enchantments can be specified on bids and the bids will then only purchase items matching that enchantment. There are some edge cases where the UI does some odd things that need to be fixed before deploying to Live, but overall it's functioning well.
  • Names on some items/recipes were changed, so some items may disappear and some recipes may get unlearned.
  • Enchanting recipes are properly categorized as Recipes in the vaults, instead of as Misc.
  • Fixed a bug allowing gushers of enchanting raw mats.
We now have a Final Candidate for EE 16 running on Zog, and it's been holding up well so far as we do our last (hopefully) round of testing. Now that we're in the final stages of getting this deployed, I'll write up the Preliminary Release Notes and get those posted soon. I'll also start adding the new recipes and other changes to the Public Spreadsheet so everyone can get a better look at those.
So do you think it will go live on Friday at downtime?
So do you think it will go live on Friday at downtime?

That's the plan, and I just now posted the Preliminary Release Notes with that expectation mentioned at the top. Of course, we'll keep testing up until Daily Maintenance, but this build is so similar to other builds that have been heavily tested on Zog over the last 2-3 weeks that we're ready to roll it out for everyone to dig into.
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