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Thank you!

Lisa Stevens
Before I head off to a day of turkey, wine and friends, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for sticking with Pathfinder Online, giving us the great feedback on the game that we need to make it the best, playing hard but still being such a friendly and approachable group for new players, helping the team find bugs in the code, and most of all, having a tremendous amount of patience.

On this day when you think about what you are thankful for, I wanted you to know that I am thankful for you guys. Have a great holiday weekend and I hope you are as excited about Enchanting next week as I am!

Thanks Lisa

And we thank you for keeping PFO alive.
It was so nice to return to this place again! Thank you for keeping the ligths on and still beliving in this game!
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
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I agree, thank you for keeping it alive Lisa.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
Hear hear!
Xyzzy - gatherer, yeoman archer, swamp monster.
Thanks for the thanks! I hope everyone in the States had a restful and happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.
Work's killing us - gives us only a couple months out of the year to play really but Auriga and I are still here. I wish we could poke in more but you still have all the support we can give you.

Thank you for everything too.
Aurora Silverstar, Pathfinder University Quartermaster & Explorer
Kiernan Silverstar, Aurora's lazy & good-for-nothing younger brother who just likes to blow things up.

PM MidknightDiamond on Paizo Forum
Thanks Lisa, I do love this game smile
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