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The Nhur Athemon Sequence

Boy, y'all are just tearing it up aintcha? Wish I was T3 so I could join in the festivities.
One more escalation down, and another soon to fall:

  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 26 (The Revenge of Nhur Athemon) at 5000 strength.
Well, this final push may not take quite as long as I'd thought:

  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 29 (Emerald Aristocrats) at 120000 strength.
Well that hex has been cleared of Nhur, now the Emeralds
Congratulations to all! With Nhur Athemon's global attack defeated, the world is now safe for OE 2.1! Now to finish up the testing and make sure OE 2.1 is safe for the world.
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