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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

What is below the horizon now?

Kickstarter is pretty much out of the question. But a similar, home-brewed effort might make for a sensible attempt. Many small indie MMO studios host their own pledging system on their websites in order to support their continued development. While it lacks the guarantees made by kickstarter for the public, it does also circumvent a whole bunch of limitations (and potential stigma) of the platform.

Then again, there might not be much loose cash lying around in the pockets of the current "player" population, either. Especially when there would most-likely be fairly immaterial rewards, considering.
You are a Troll
Ok….so….anything going on here or should I let my sub lapse until next fall or *whenever* - ???
You are a Troll
Ok….so….anything going on here or should I let my sub lapse until next fall or *whenever* - ???
lol Just. Ten. More. Days! I would have been able to point out that this,
We are in fact working on a new update with various bug fixes, including one for issues with weapon enchantment keywords, and should have something ready to deploy soon.

At the same time, we're busy talking through what our next big project/s will be and how they affect the long-term roadmap. There's a lot to consider, between all the things we've already planned and new possibilities based on the things we learn as you all play the game, so that process tends to take a while. We should be able to make our thoughts on that public pretty soon, but don't have an ETA at this point.
was from 1/4 of a YEAR ago! That's quite a few 15 min scheming "short meetings" and a whole lot of thinking time… C'mon Guys! You gotta give us stuff to look forward to and a lil bit of hope! smile
Virtute et Armis
Sorry this has taken so long. We've been trying to nail things down so we could provide a more detailed and longer-term roadmap, but clearly that's taking too long. So, to get things moving a little faster, I've posted the first part of the new roadmap in a separate thread.
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