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Daily Maintenance 2/1/19

Servers still down at an hour and twenty two minutes past reset. Is there an issue we should know about?
Hmm, everything's up now, but they were slow coming up a couple days ago as well. In both cases they recovered on their own without any intervention, which is good, and there are some things outside our control that can slow the process down. Nonetheless, we'll take a look at the logs and see if there's anything here we can control to keep the likelihood of this happening to a minimum.
'Tis certainly happening. Last 4 times/days that I have attempted connecting just after 10:15 AM.
Things do seem to be consistently slow the last several days. We've got some ideas of things to try, but as long as things are just being a little slow, it's better to try those things on Monday morning when we're in the office for the day, rather than on the weekend.
Garric Orcsbane
I am still getting the server maintenance message when I try to login. I was on just before downtime successfully. I have tried on two machines and get the same Could not connect to message
Still down, coming up on the 2 hour mark…
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
Okay, things are restarting now, probably just a few more minutes and then all the map servers will be up. Sorry about the hassle, and thanks for your patience.
Garric Orcsbane
Able to connect now.
Another extended downtime today ?
Today's extended downtime brought to you in part by Seattle Snowmageddon 2019! We planned to do some extra maintenance this morning, but then we weren't able to make it into the office, and blah blah blah. End result, longer delay than expected, and we'll need to delay things a bit again tomorrow to take another stab at that extra maintenance.
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