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Unable to Connect...

I just joined the alpha and I can get to the login screen but I keep getting the "Could not connect to:" error. Is there a page where we can check server status yet?
Ryan Dancey
Seems like the server is down.
Ah they are down then, well at least it's just not me then given I've just gotten access. smile
I have not been able to get access since I logged out on on the 22nd, and that was around 2am Eastern.
There is definitely a bug with logins. Although, at the moment I believe the server is down.
I'm having a similar problem, i think, i can log on, and even make a character, but i can't enter world. THough this may be due more to the fact that patcher isn't working or functioning at all on my computer. a shame to, i wanted to try out alpha since i just got access yesterday.
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