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So... New Players and Us

coming to the end of the humble bundle freebie. Thank you for that it was enjoyable to have a dip into the game. Some feedback for you of my experience:
I'm not going to go over earlier post info - none of that has changed… the main observation is lack of players to generate trade of materials which in turn promotes crafting and better gear. to craft you need to expend precious precious experience and overcome the array of hurdles thrown up in order to create things… all can be overcome by spending exp
I am suprised that crafters sell any raw mats - really that is what newbies ought to be doing while they scour the land for things to kill. a lot more quests are needed to give some kind of story line.
Would I pay for the game as it is? no - because it is so sparse. With my brief dip I found trying to get a little more powerful was tedious. Yes I can now, after four weeks, two-shot any weedy creatures - maybe four shot tougher things that used to kill me - but I still avoid like the plague all small groups or the next tier of enemies.
Provided with quests that are now all of these higher tier enemies so I am not going anywhere fast.

All of this not going anywhere fast really rankles. If I play for x10 hours a day for a week I expect to progress reasonably rapidly. However the exp dripped out at an equal rate for all whether they play for hours or visit once a week seems petty, I couldnt do much with it. I got to L7 wiz in x4 weeks and suspect to get past the various hurdles to raise my main stat by one point will take another x4 weeks. There is not an awful lot to look forward to especially in this era of immediate gratification.

Super community - lots of trickle-down info from the devs so you feel in touch and they are listening. Geography is nice but you need the players - this x4 week freebie ought to be standard just to tempt people in.

Thank you for the opportunity to see what PfO is all about. I would come back if it was well populated.

All the best to you all Players and Devs smile
Thank you so much for the feedback, Wibblyone! Hopefully Paizo will take note of it and figure it into their plans. It was fun playing with you the few times we partied!
Virtute et Armis
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