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Helpful Onboarding

Many other games have pop up screens that appear while the game loads that give little bits of lore and some helpful hints (usually taken from the FAQ) about gameplay. That could work here.

Certainly possible with a little codework for the user interface, and it's always good to have something going on during longer load times.
Hey Bob this video I found today on YouTube highlights some key things that need to be done better in game for new players to understand without needing significant help.
Basically each time the author of the video asks himself a question or guesses and laughs at himself is a thing that should be more clear for new players. smile
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
Yeah, we make a lot of info and features available right away, which can be a bit confusing without a whole lot of explanatory tooltips. Many of the things this player asks about do get explained later in the tutorials, and in theory we could have hidden a lot of those things until they'd been explained, but we wanted them all available so guild members could just drop right into the game and start playing together without needing to complete a bunch of tutorials first. Of course, with more polish time we could create a very curated initial player experience while also providing a way to bypass that experience and jump right in. In the shorter run, we'd be more likely to try to find a way to give starting players just enough essential information upfront to keep them from getting quite so confused.

On the positive side, glad to see the player found the tutorials in the right order and found a lot of the game interesting, even if a little confusing.
At one stage Keepers had a keyword help blurb that we would post bits of when new players were confused. Keywords and how they work with gear is probably the most confusing thing for people used to old school games:


New player confused about weapons:

Every time you level an attack you gain a new keyword for more damage and effect, however it DOES NOTHING until activated by a matching higher plus weapon - similarly just equipping a higher plus weapon DOES NOTHING unless you level up your attacks to provide a matching keyword.

As a rule of thumb, level 1 attacks need a T1 +0 weapon, level 2 attacks need T1 +1, level 3 needs a T1 +2 weapon and level 4 attacks need a T2 +2 weapon (NOT T1+3). Note wizard and cleric attacks ideally need to be on the right type of focus, staff or wand, not all focuses, wands and staffs are the same.

New player confused about armor:

Training an armor feat higher will give better rank effects (such as more regeneration on healer armor or more physical resistance on mage armor) and these will work regardless of your armor plus. For example wearing a T2+0 armor of the correct type will be the same as wearing a T2+3 armor for these rank bonuses.

However at every second level an armor feat also gains a new keyword for more save bonuses and other effects, this GRANTS NO NEW KEYWORD BONUS until activated by wearing a matching higher plus armor.

Similarly, just wearing a higher plus armor will do nothing if you have not trained and slotted a matching higher ranked armor feat.

As a rule of thumb level 1 armor training needs a matching T1 + 0 armor, level 2 and level 3 armor training both work with a matching T1+1 armor, and level 4 and level 5 armor training need a T1+2 armor, at levels 6 and 7 you need a T2+2 armor (NOT T1+3).
You are a Troll
New Players confused about most everything?

Viola: a hyperlinked website showing how all the different parts of the game are interconnected and what must be trained to achieve the results you want for your character. Goblinworks SHOULD be actively maintaining and updating - to not do so is a huge disservice to the game.
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