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Is the Game Dying? Ideas for fixes?

Stilachio Thrax
In retrospect, player settlements were pushed too fast into the game before the game systems to support it and the population needed to make it hum were here. Probably would have been better to focus on having every player be part of Thornkeep, Fort Inevitable or Fort Riverwatch. You could keep the map otherwise, but exploring would really be a thing with few places to hole up safely. There would be actually be risk with gathering and transit of gathered material. Things like camps and smallholdings would be far more useful and important.
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
I do recall when EE 10.0 or EE 11.0 hit that a number of players were telling Ryan that it was too soon for the settlement system upgrade and that he should of focused on fixes for other systems like; the vault system which when Lisa took control ordered it to be fixed.

I also recall that a number of folks at various points in time did tell Ryan that settlements were put in way too soon, and that the Land rush was a failure because it was put out before the game was even in Alpha.
I can recall how I felt about it back then… I was very eager to have Ozem's be ON THE MAP.

I also was pretty sure PVP banditry was going to be out of control, lol.

That hindsight thing again…
Virtute et Armis
I don't know that the game is dying, I think that it is getting "old" for those who have been around since the beginning or near then. I think many are waiting to see major game improvements. I am.
They don't have the ability to change/improve things fast enough and the cost to play is the same as a polished AAA MMORPG. They do try hard and have accomplished much but the weight of the work needed is massive. No slight to the efforts put forth under the circumstances they have to work with.

The only idea that I can think will work is to get a much larger player base and generate the type of cash flow that will allow a larger team to work on this. AND do not take a bigger team, if you get one, down easy street. Watch the progress of your new team and push them HARD.
Virtute et Armis
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