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Ghost Mules Still haunt player

Kenton Stone
Got my first Ghost Mule today, did not lose the saddlebags but was unable to use them, it says you already have a mule following you, /releasemule says you have no mule to release. Leaving hex made no difference, finally had to have another Alt come and use the Saddlebags, I had him release the mule but was unable to claim it with the original character as it again said I already had a mule following.
Dang. The fix keeps you from being charged any taxes or saddlebags if the mule doesn't appear, and it keeps the overall map server from thinking there's a partially-created mule floating around (which was causing the hex in general to have all kinds of sync problems), but apparently the character still thinks a mule got attached to it. Hopefully the only downside of that is the inability for that character to hire another mule for a little while, though that's obviously plenty annoying on its own. I'll get a bug filed and we'll look into it.
We've got a server-side fix up on Zog, which we plan to deploy to live during Friday's Daily Maintenance, that adds a few more steps to the mule exorcism ritual and should let characters immediately try to hire another mule. On the off-chance that some ectoplasmic residue slips through and continues to cause problems, we've also given /ReleaseMule it's own exorcism ritual. Hopefully those two fixes will banish these stubborn not-quite-critters for good.
I hope so, or we're gonna need some ghost busters.
The fix is in.
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