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So, I decided to check back after nearly 2 years to see how PFO was coming along. I'm currently re-installing the game, how many people still hang around in-game?
Harad Navar
Still here.
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Well, not to be a downer, BUT……you remember how empty the world was two years ago when you decided to give it another go? Well, imagine a world with 75% less people in it then that and you will have a good idea of the activity level. General chat is completely dead. You don't ever see anyone anywhere, no even in TK and most escalations just sit around and rot. If there were ever even 25 total people on at any given time, I would be highly surprised.
It's not pretty in that way right now. Working on the things that need doing are simply going to take a looooong time with such a small team. Plain and simple.
Virtute et Armis
I am around. Only been for about a year now, but plenty of wide open spaces to do what you want with little interference from other players. smile
EDIT: About 6 rather active players around Keeper's Pass.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
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I still play on the weekends. Not so much during the week. There are still some (read 4 or 5) very active players from the Commonwealth settlements.
Note the nature of this game is when people are online they are usually out doing something and in there own voice chat. They are not standing around in settlements or chatting in general, so unless they are on your friends list you may never know they even on.

The main active larger groups are the Commonwealth, the Bandits and the relatively independent group of eastern settlements that occasionally work together if it suits them.

In the North West and Centre, both the Commonwealth and the Bandits seem to have at least half a dozen or so active players each and a batch of more casual players who pop in weekends or when something big is happening. The larger western settlements like Ozem's and Aragorn are fully built and pretty much all +5. Both groups tend to focus on one or two main settlements and let the rest float in caretaker mode.

In the East Keepers Pass is the largest group with half a dozen active players and Carpe and PFU are not far behind. PFU is all +5 and Carpe is a building or two off. Keepers is also a few buildings off all +5, they put down a +5 seminary last week and have a +5 temple ready to go down next week. Carpe have become the main auction house and trade centre outside Thornkeep. Other then that, Hammerfall, Blackwood Glade and Emerald Lodge are less active but still have at least one player regularly logging in.

That leaves the North East settlements (Forgeholm etc) which are more or less in caretaker mode and the far South Wast where Fort Ouroboros is still relatively active and is sitting on pretty much all +3 settlement buildings.
I'm one of the newbies. Been here 2 years in November (I believe).

I run Maker's General Store out of Carpe Noctem.

Don't have a lot of interaction with other players, but I'm on most days and I've met a lot of nice people.

Hoping that now that there is an easy playtest option, there will be more people.

smile Maker
You are a Troll

It's the Wednesday after Gen Con and hopefully Pathfinder 2.0 release went splendidly. (anyone go?)

Is there any news about *this* game that Paizo has for us that we can get excited about, or at least help us cling to a last shred of hope?
I went, and it was my first Gen con. Had a blast, got the Pathfinder 2.0 books and played a demo session. It seems good to me. I didn't hear much about PFO but rumor has it PFO is still enjoyably addictive to some players smile
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
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