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Tweaking the Adventurers and Crafters Cottage

These shop items do seem to sell, but seem to be something in need of a tweak, especially now enchantments have provided other more viable means of buffing stats.

  1. I am well aware that if they are tweaked too much there will be "Play to Win" issues
  2. For an existing player operating from a very low settlement they remain viable but lets be honest 95% of existing players attach themselves to a settlement that is 18 or above. Admittedly if a role is missing at your settlement a cottage lets you train and craft locally, but this is not a major factor for most people.

Perceived Problems:
  1. The online store gives the prospective purchaser no idea what they are actually getting. The buffs are explained in vague terms and the exact mechanics are not well spelt out. Most of the information (aside from buff details) is actually there but I know of several cases were people misunderstood things like the "home settlement only" restriction, or thought they could change the cottage type on pulling it down or assumed the facility increase on the crafter's cottage would help with crits and save mats (it does not).
  2. The restriction to a single cottage of a single type is too restrictive for some characters. For example most gathering characters of a high enough level to consider a cottage are T3 in multiple skills. As a case in point one of my gatherers is T3 in all 4 skills and enchantment capable in two of those. Similarly a high level crafter often has several skills at 20 so getting a cottage for just one of those skills does not necessarily help a lot. A single cottage that is fixed on a single gather or craft skill is of little use to many people.
  3. Some of the buffs are a bit poor now we have enchantments available, +15 to a gathering skill that is already 270 or so is neither here nor there.
  4. Many characters, especially gatherers, range a long way from home and having a cottage back at your home settlement is not a lot of benefit. This last one is a killer for gatherers. For example Enchantment mats are in specific spots scattered all over the map and often that one thing you need large amounts of is available nowhere near home.
  5. Having bank vault access at your cottage, but no way to get a mule, limits the usefulness of the vault feature.
Possible Tweaks
  1. Fix the shop description so it includes details of what buffs you get. Spell out very clearly what you do NOT get. For example:
    • "A Crafter's Studio can only be placed in your home settlement, NOT allied or other settlements"
    • "Fast Crafting: +50 Facility Rating, note this does NOT improve crit chances or lower the level of mats needed"
  2. Several options here:
    1. Consider allowing players to enable two cottages. If space is an issue allow both cottages to function from the same in game structure. This will of course allow multiple buffs but people wanting to work around that can simply give a second cottage to an alt anyway.
    2. If the restriction to a single cottage is necessary for balance reasons, instead allow them to change the choice when taken down. For example a mining cottage can be taken down and changed to a different gathering cottage after the cooldown. NOTE whilst you can currently achieve this by owning two cottages and alternating them weekly, most people are not going to buy a second cottage just to have it sitting in inventory for at least half the time.
  3. Reassess the balance of the buffs in view of what we can now get from enchantments and other game changes. The cap of 300 skill points for things like gathering and crafting will automatically stop this becoming overpowered.
  4. Consider making it possible to build a cottage in an allied settlement. You would probably need some mechanic to apply to build that required the local leaders approval. This simple change would make cottages vastly more attractive for many people.
  5. add a mule post to the cottage, limit it to owner and party if necessary
Other Comments

Addressing all of these issues at once is probably a big task but some of the "low hanging fruit" like adding buff descriptions to the shop could be achieved fairly quickly.
Looks like some good ideas to me. I feel like some way to increase allowed number of crafting queues would also be a nice thing to consider. There isn't much encouragement for queue limited crafters to carry on into new craft fields but I feel like most would like to do so and be able to produce at a rate more near what they could accomplish if given that option.

It seems a very limiting factor in the crafting profession tree, over-all, and gets a little boring if that is what you really want to do.
Virtute et Armis
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