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New Subscription Model in EE 18

Everything was looking good at the end of last week for putting a release candidate up on the test server early this week, and then it wasn't. Some of the fixes that went into this week's first build exposed a tangled nest of edge cases that require additional fixes, so we're working our way through that now. On the positive side, we're at a point now where we're able to test nearly everything, and the bugs we're finding are generally pretty quick fixes, so we can tell we're closing in on the final round of fixes needed before going to the test server.

On the negative side, the earliest we'd have something ready for the test server will be late this week, and Cole and I will both be on vacation the following week. Since this update will include some additions to the back-end services that are shared by the test and Live servers, it's not a good idea for us to put it up right before we're headed out of the office. Instead, our focus will be on getting a release candidate ready by the end of this week, with the goal of deploying that build on the test servers the Monday (12/2) or Tuesday (12/3) after we return. If all goes well, we'll be able to switch the Live servers over a couple days later.
Father Bronin
Thanks Bob. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the new update.
WxCougar of KOTC
Hope you and Cole have a great vacation!
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So it's Monday, No update or News,
so We'll need to see about tomorrow…..
We were hoping to have something ready to go on Zog tomorrow morning, but the latest build still has some issues. The bugs we're finding keep getting tinier and tinier, so we can tell we're close. Unfortunately, some seemingly small issues have been more troublesome to fix than usual, and were hiding other bugs, making things very difficult to predict. We're still hopeful that we'll have something ready for Wednesday morning.
Thanks for the Update Bob.
So close, but not quite there yet. Fingers crossed for Thursday.
We're finishing off what we hope are the last small bugs and are very hopeful that tonight's build will be ready to put on Zog tomorrow, assuming we don't find any more bugs when putting it through a quick round of tests.

Unlike many of our updates, this time we have a lot of changes to our back-end services like billing and authorization. As a result, when it does roll out to Zog, it will happen in two stages. Sometime after Daily Maintenance, we'll roll out those back-end server changes, then do some testing on both Live and Zog to make sure everything looks good. Then, we'll take down Zog (fortunately it's no big deal to do that mid-day) and switch it to the new build. At that point, the final testing begins, and hopefully we'll be able to roll everything over to Live early next week.
Father Bronin
Thanks Bob. Looking forward to it.

Thanks Bob, I am glad you guys are taking your time to get this right with all the changes to billing and such.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
– Cauchemar is a Greater Nightmare –
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