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New Subscription Model in EE 18

Could you fix the Test server so that subbed accounts act as subbed accounts on the Test Server?

Not quickly, unfortunately. Once we do all the character conversions with OE 1, which may be as early as tomorrow morning if we're extremely lucky, we'll have to revisit Zog and see what we can do to make it easier for anyone playing there to keep their characters active. In the short run I'll be able to manually give test months to anyone actively using Zog on request, but that also needs to wait for the conversion.
That Cheese Tank Mage combo was very powerful, And I was a witness to it in many high end escalations, the Cheese Tank Mage was next to invincible never needing to retreat.

I never really saw that, they could take on maybe one legend level or ninja at a time (two at a pinch) face to face and any incoming artillery or extra melee knocked them for six.

I occasionally play a much more conventional PFO tank and I can tell you now she stands up to a lot more aggro than any so called "mage tank" ever could. A simple example is a well built T3 tank in the game should be able to take on solo a 30m of T2 ogres or T2 Duegar without even bothering with buffing. Most mage tank builds will fail at even that simple challenge. (admittedly the ogres is an unfair example as only the inner circle of ogres can even hit you due to line of sight issues, planting your feet and not moving when tanking massed ogres is one of the few times in this game standing still is a good thing to do)

I am not sure where this thing about mage tanking comes from, I can only assume people are playing in parties with damage focused characters or multi function characters and have no idea what proper tanking actually looks like.

I would add one more comment … if there was any potential at all for devourers caress to be overpowered it was NOT when being used by a mage in cloth armor.
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